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The first-ever period tracking app that also tells you exactly what to do to be symptom-free!

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How MyFlo Works

Introducing the smart-scheduling, symptom-tracking, hormone health improving app that will change your life. 

Track your period

Easily track all four phases of your cycle

Fix Your Symptoms

Personalized solutions for all of your symptoms

Monitor Cycle Health

Insights that shows the health of your period

Cycle Syncing

The only app with the Cycle Syncing Method™

Phase Notifications

Be notified when you enter a new phase

Sync Your Calendar

Plan a schedule based on your phase

Partner Sync

Let your partner know how to support you

Track You Period

Know when your period’s coming, understand when you’re fertile, track all your symptoms, so that MyFLO can help you optimize your health.

Fix Your Symptoms

Personalized fixes for all of your symptoms, updated in real time as your symptoms change.

Monitor Cycle Health

Stay on top of the ups and downs of your period with cycle-by-cycle analysis that lets you know how your symptoms are improving over time.

Cycle Syncing

Feel your best by syncing your food, exercise, and productivity to each phase of your cycle.

Phase Notifications

MyFlo will notify you when you’ve entered a new phase and tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming week.

Sync Your Calendar

Easily add events to your calendar to help you stay on track with while practicing the Cycle Syncing Method.

Partner Sync

MyFLO will notify your partner in each phase with how to support you from dates to go on, to what kind of foods to share with you, and even the best kind of sex to have. 
The ONLY App that supports the Cycle Syncing Method™
Women all of the world trust MyFLO
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  • “MyFLO blows my other period tracker out of the water. I love that I can track my symptoms and the app will notice patterns AND give me advice and assistance!!”

    Houston, TX
  • ​​“The MyFLO App is worlds better! I quit using other apps because they didn't offer much more than complicated graphs.”

    Manchester, U.K.
  • “MyFLO is such a great resource. Other apps I've tried make it hard to sync your actual cycle with their general cycle.”

    Warsaw, Poland
  • “My FAVORITE PART of the app is the cycle email tips to my significant other. I LOVE it and my partner LOVES it too. The weekly tips for loving me better make him feel like he can win with me, and that's amazing.”

    Hartford, CN
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Why Switch to the MyFLO App?

How the the MyFlo tracker stacks up against other similar period tracking applications:

Other Apps
Calendar to track your period
Track your symptoms everyday
Track all 4 phases of your cycle 
(not just your period!)
Customized symptom fixes delivered daily
Incorporates the Cycle Syncing Method™ 
Data driven insights into your cycle and how to feel better
Partner Sync
(E-mail coaching for your partner to help them understand your hormonal patterns)
Built by women for women
Never sells your data!
About US

Modern menstrual care for women, by women

The MyFLO App is part of the FLO Living modern menstrual healthcare company, founded by Alisa Vitti.

Hormones can be complicated. Taking care of them should be easy. Research proves that you can dramatically improve and correct your hormonal symptoms through nutrient therapy and dietary changes.

FLO Living now makes taking care of your hormones from your first period to your last easy through our condition specific supplements, digital therapeutic courses, app, and 1-on-1 tele health coaching.

You don't have to suffer anymore.

We’ve helped thousands of women around the world address their PMS, Missing or Irregular periods, PCOS, Heavy bleeding, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Infertility, and Perimenopause naturally and effectively.

You can end the cycle of hormonal chaos and get in your FLO.

About Our Founder

Alisa Vitti is an integrative nutrition and women's hormone expert on a mission to disrupt hormonal healthcare. She is the best-selling author of both WomanCode and In the FLO who teaches women how to use their hormonal and neurochemical patterns to create extraordinary lives.

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